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The toilet is the favorite place of many people while some claim it to be the constructive place when it comes to thinking of ideas as no one is there to distract you.

But, a bad flushing system can make it a horrible one resulting in drainage problems and a smelly environment.

If you want to keep yourself away from all the unpleasant experiences a person experiences while using the toilet, the right decision can help in accomplishing the goal.

We are about to compare American Standard Titan vs Champion 4 to help you choose the better one.

Read our buying guides to add ease to your life. The top marketing brands come up with comfortable and secure toilets to target a huge audience as it is the basic need of human beings.

American Standard is one of the best Toilet producing companies in the world. Let’s review the top products American Standard Titan and Champion 4 from this brand and decide which one is the best.   

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Why Prefer American Standard Toilets?

American Standard toilets fulfill the criteria of best toiletries providing the customers with comfort and style. They are famous for making efficient and top-rated toilets at reasonable rates.

The quality products this brand generates are worth giving a try. Designs along with the installation of these gears have been made considering the user-centered approach for eradicating the related problems.

Quick Comparison Table

Titan Pro
Champion 4
American Standard
American Standard 
92 pounds
111 pounds 
32 x 19.25 x 31.5 inches
17.75 x 29.75 x 29.5 inches
Product Color
White, Linen and Bone 
Corner Installation
Material of Product
Vitreous China 
AquaGuard Liner 
Water Consumed Per Flush 
1.28 Gallons
1.6 Gallons
Floor Mounted Installation 
Tested Factory Flush 
10 Years Warranty 

American Standard 2844.016.020 Titan Pro Elongated Toilet

American Standard 2844.016.020 Titan Pro

If you are planning bathroom decoration this year, try American Standard Titan to enhance the value and style of your Toilet.

Tests have proved that it is worthy of the complement of Top-rated flushers of America.

Beautify your bathroom with the American Standard Titan top-rated toilet for adding class and value.

The exceptionally designed rim measures 16-1/8-inch in height is a perfect fit for gaining access to various applications which otherwise would not be possible with a limited length.

Some people are reluctant in choosing white color for their bathroom as it is more prone to staining. We have more choices for such people.

Take a look at the three available colors to get one that suits the theme of your washroom. Apart from white, you can select one from linen or bone.  

It serves as a top-rated performer with the 3-inches flush valve, trip lever fixed on the side, and a jetted bowl. This combination offers an excellent waste removal function and occupies the top position when tested separately.

The material used in this two-piece toilet is a specific type of fusion material named vitreous china. Vitreous china is a particular type of ceramic that is burnt at high temperatures and on reaching a non-porous state, ceramic glaze coating comes into play to make the fusion with the body better.

No need to spend the extra money to buy a toilet seat when you have thought of buying this American standard toilet. This perk is due to the presence of a soft-close seat. Moreover, the round-shaped bowl is easy to fit in standard washrooms making it compatible with most washrooms.

Installing a toilet, on the whole, is not an easy process. But, American Standard Titan allows an easy installation with its floor-mounted method. The plus point is its large footprints which cover the marks left after removal of the previous toilet. This eliminates the requirement of new flooring and saves money.

American Standard Titan Review is incomplete without mentioning the Aquaguard liner. The purpose of including this liner is to neutralize the tank condensation upgrading the durability.

There is one thing that we found necessary to mention here, which is the large gap between the bowl and tank. This gap provides the space for the growth of microorganisms like bacteria and fungi which is a matter of concern. But don’t worry as proper cleaning and maintenance can work to get rid of this problem.

The limited warranty put an end to the risk of money wasting in case of an accident. This was all about the detailed review of American Standard Titan. We hope it clears.


  • No slam after usage due to the close-slow seat.
  • Tank condensation comes to an end with the Aquaguard liner.
  • Quality flushing toilet with improved durability and style.
  • Saves money needed for the toilet seat.
  • Long time warranty keeps you on the safer side.
  • Good fit for challenging space.  
  • Long-lasting cleaning with EverClean surface.


  • Retain watermarks after flushing.
  • Large space from bowl to tank serves as a site for microbial growth.
  • Don’t fulfill the terms of EPA WaterSense Policy.

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American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4 Elongated Toilet

American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4

Are you fed up with the flushing sound and want to get rid of this embarrassing sound?

American Standard Champion 4 review proves that it is a perfect solution to vanish away from your embarrassment.

Let’s talk about the exciting features to make your washroom life pleasant. American Standard Champion 4 Pro shows a unique bowl design for adding comfort while using.

For making it user-friendly, the manufacturers use the standardized chair height to allow easy sitting and standing.

The American Standard Champion 4 flushing model has an elongated bowl shape. The surface featured with the EverClean technology keeps it clean for long durations lowering the need for frequent cleaning. The smooth surface doesn’t allow dirt and waste to stick to the surface and keep it clean.

Champion 4 Right height toilet is meant for producing fast and quiet flush, but it takes more space when compared to American Standard Titan. It is the only thing that makes people hesitant while buying is the larger space required for its fitting

Are you worried about cleaning? No need for that. The cleaning process is easy for this gear as there is a small gap between bowl and tank, leaving no space for bacteria to grow. This flushing system obeys the ADA guidelines and is an ideal choice for home and public washrooms.

Why is it one of the powerful flushing systems? This is the question you need to ask. The 4 inches large piston flush pushes the water with pressure and maintains its flow without clogging the pores.

The warranty of 10 years is enough to gain the customer’s trust and verify the durability of this product.

Read Full Review: American Standard Champion 4


  • Compatible with ADA requirements.
  •  Elongated bowl is comfortable for all members including disabled ones.
  •   Vitreous china construction attributes longevity.
  •   No chunks of feces left with the smooth EverClean surface.
  •   Trusted product with 10 years warranty.


  • It takes up a lot of space and is not good for small washrooms.

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Buying Guides

1. Space

Take into account the area where you need to place the toilet. In the case of having small washrooms, look for a sleek design and a small toilet. Larger toilets can accommodate more masses and are convenient for some people but it works if you have adequate space.

2. Material of Product

Don’t try to save your money by compromising the quality of the product. American Standard toilets use high-quality materials commonly Vitreous china in these toilets. So, put your worries aside regarding durability.

3. Flushing Sound

Toilets generating sounds during flushing are annoying sometimes. If you are not annoyed or embarrassed by these sounds, go with the American Standard Titan. But if you care about that, I will recommend going with American Standard Champion 4.


Q: Which American Standard can dislodge golf balls?

American Standard Titan can flush many golf balls at once. The flushing system features a special flushing feature generating substantial pressure to push out any clog.

Q: Under what conditions the American Standard Toilet doesn’t function properly?

There are certain conditions during which the flushing is not proper. The possibilities for this condition are:

  • The level of water decreases below an optimum point
  • Problems with the drainage
  • Clog in the flush
  • Flapper issues

Q: Which is the best toilet, round or elongated?

Round bowls are best in terms of price and space. They are available at reasonable prices and take up less space when compared to elongated toilets.

However, some users find the elongated toilets comfortable.

Final Verdict- Who Is the Winner?

What is the best toilet for offices and homes? This is no longer a problematic question now.

American Standard Titan vs Champion 4 Reviews has made it clear which toilet is preferable for you. Both have their advantages and disadvantages.

I recommend American Standard Titan Pro for small washrooms like in offices, public places, and mobile toilets. American Standard Champion 4 is a perfect fit if you want to give your house a luxurious look and are looking for a powerful flushing system.

I hope the ultimate comparison between American Standard Titan vs. Champion 4 has cleared all the confusion. Get one of these toilets for yourself and have comfortable toileting.

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