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American Standard is a brand well sought after when it comes to toilets. As their name suggests, their brand does have a reputation for standards and style. Every product in their line is the finest in its craft and design, leaving room for hardly any complaints.

One such toilet that is modern-looking and beautiful is their American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S toilet. By the looks of it, you’ll know that this toilet was meant for stylish yet contemporary interiors and is different from the designs other models have incorporated.

In this American standard studio toilet review, We’ll be discussing in-depth all the key technologies American standard has fitted into this fantastic toilet and all the convenient functions it provides. For the buyers who are on the hunt for a more contemporary-looking toilet, the American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S is just the perfect choice!

Apart from its sleek looks and stunning appearance, this toilet has a concealed trap way and multiple features. The Powerflo flushing system gives this toilet the energy it needs to get all the waste down and keep the toilet clean.

This toilet also makes use of a unique rim design called the CleanCurve rim and makes sure no dirt remains hidden. Unlike other toilets with loads of curves and cuts, this one doesn’t have many and makes sure there is no filth to be seen.

The American Standard Studio toilet also has a second waterway and a standard water connection through an inlet. As is evident in the picture, this is an American standard tankless toilet which means that it comes without the vertical tank most modern toilets come with.

Now let’s discuss all the key features, technologies, and functionalities of this American standard studio toilet.

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Technical Specifications

American Standard Studio S Toilet
‎117.8 pounds
‎29.5 x 15.88 x 16.75 inches
One Piece
Bowl Shape
Water consumption
1.0 Gallon per flush
Flush Type
PowerFlo flushing system
Rough in size
12″ rough-in

Major Features

American Standard Toilets are equipped with unique features and functions to give you only the best of the best. The American Standard Studio S Right toilet has a streamlined, tankless design that compliments the Studio S Collection’s contemporary style.

American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S toilet

This sleek, discreet toilet includes innovative amenities that other low-profile toilets lack, such as the PowerFlo flushing technology. This robust and water-saving device consumes only 1.0 gallons per flush to vacate the bowl the first time completely.

Studio S is more silent than other comparable toilets. This toilet’s flushing system requires no battery or electricity and connects to a conventional bathroom input to the water supply. In this American standard studio toilet review, we will discuss all the features one by one:

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PowerFlo Flushing technology

American Standard really has done a great job by applying the PowerFlo flushing technology in this American Standard tankless toilet. Not only is this flushing technology super powerful (just as the name suggests), but it is also extremely quiet.

Do you know how you can be sure if someone has flushed the toilet when they’re inside? Through the flushing sound, of course. Yeah, it’s a pretty loud sound. But no one really wants the people outside to know they’ve been in the washroom and make them hear the flushing sound. The sound can also disturb those who are sleeping around.

Luckily, with the PowerFlo flushing mechanism applied by American Standard, Flushing is going to be a lot quieter than usual! Ample water will reach every section of the toilet bowl without leaving any waste clinging to the bowl.

CleanCurve rim

The CleanCurve rim makes this toilet seem kind of rimless. You might have read or watched about the CleanCurve rim if you desire an open rim than the standard rim holes.

The benefit of the CleanCurve rim is that it allows easy cleaning of the rim and makes it virtually impossible for filth to lurk and build. With all of the flat and exposed surfaces, this Studio S toilet is extremely low maintenance.

You’ll also appreciate the whirling water that sweeps every part of the bowl surface to remove sticky waste from the top down to the bowl exit. Every flush with the CleanCurve rim increases your chances of having a clean bowl with no signs of dirt.

MaP Premium And WaterSense certification

In a time where everyone is cautious about the environment and the conservation of water, you must do your part. Luckily for you, the American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S toilet has a WaterSense certification meaning that it uses lesser water than the toilets that don’t.

This American Standard Studio toilet uses only one gallon of water per flush, which saves water. The ultra water-saving efficiency of the American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S toilet could make you eligible for rebates on your bills, too, since you will be using lesser water.

If you’re concerned about water conservation, you’ll definitely want a toilet that’s WaterSense certified. Be a more responsible citizen with the American Standard 2548A100.020 Studio S toilet.

Slow Close Seat

It is super annoying when the toilet seat shuts on you with a bang. It will be different from the American Standard Studio Toilet because they come with Slow/Soft Close seats!

Conventional toilet seats are noisy and inconvenient as compared to slow-closing toilet seats. Because of the sleek and functional design, soft-closing toilet seats close slowly and steadily without the need for help.

Soft-close toilet seats are nearly hard to slam shut and will not make a loud clang if you lose your grasp. A soft shut seat makes almost no sound compared to conventional toilet seats, making it an excellent option for ensuring privacy in your toilet.

Traditional toilet seats are more difficult to clean than soft closing toilet seats. They frequently have a rapid-release function that allows you to detach the toilet seat entirely. So you can clean your entire toilet thoroughly with this!

Soft-close seats are essential in homes with little kids since they allow them to use the potty without risking injury or becoming stuck via a heavy seat. A slow close seat closes at the same constant rate irrespective of how much force is given to it.

So they are very different from standard toilet seats, which readily open and close too forcibly. This slow closing type not only makes less commotion than typical styles, but it also reduces the impact of the chair on the toilet.

Two WaterWays

The American Standard 2548A makes use of a second waterway in addition to the first one. The second waterway flows straight into the bowl. This flow from the second waterway allows quick cleaning of the bowl to be completely clean at all times.

The first waterway gushes water into the CleanCurve rim and ensures no dirt and debris gets stuck in the toilet.

Perfect Height

The bowl is at just the right height so that it won’t cause burdens to tall people. They can comfortably spread their legs if they have to be there for long. It is also the perfect height for folks with back problems. American Standard has engineered this toilet to be up to the mark and serve all your needs!

Easy Installation

The installation process of the American Standard Studio S toilet is pretty simple and straightforward. You don’t necessarily need a plumber to get the fittings done. With basic know-how of plumbing, you can get this toilet seat installed in no time.

Easy to Clean

Thanks to the Smooth skirted sides of this toilet, no dirt will be captured in the crevices. You can easily clean this toilet with minimal effort. Firstly, the PowerFlo technology ensures that water reaches every nook on the bowl, so there isn’t any waste left.

Also, the seat can be detached, so you can easily clean the area behind it as well.

This toilet really facilitates your life when it comes to cleaning. Furthermore, the CleanCurve unique rim design makes sure that there isn’t a single spot where dirt can remain hidden.

5 Year Warranty

For speculative buyers, the five-year warranty packed with this toilet will definitely be a plus point. So if anything goes wrong, the manufacturers have got you covered at all times! Don’t worry about spending on a product that’s not worth it!

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Unique Technologies

American Standard makes sure it uses only the best and latest technologies in its pursuit of providing you the best kind of toilets. Over the years, they’ve grown to be a favorite among people with a great sense of design.

In this American standard studio toilet review, we will be highlighting these technologies one by one.

PowerFlo Flushing mechanism

PowerFlo flushing technology

You have noticed that this toilet looks a little different from the ones you now see everywhere. There isn’t a tank on top. This tankless feature can be attributed to the PowerFlo system.

The PowerFlo flushing system is a powerful yet water-efficient flushing system that helps you save water and resources. Even though it uses lesser water, it still cleanses the toilet bowl thoroughly.

 Unlike the Vormax, the PowerFlo system does not use a chain and flap mechanism. This is crucial because it prevents the chain from interacting with the valve shutting. This is partly why the tank is invisible.

Even though the product does not have clear-cut information on what happens inside the toilet that has made it so powerful and quiet, we have a brief idea of it.

We don’t have any parameters to determine whether a toilet is loud or quiet, but we’re guessing since this model is tankless, the noiselessness comes from the absence of water flowing through the tank.

This toilet has a MaP rating of a booming 1000! So it is made clear that the bathroom is indeed powerful to a great extent. Don’t fret about a sloppy water supply because this toilet has got your back. Forceful yet quiet: What a remarkable combination!

CleanCurve rim

With the CleanCurve rim, which is noted for its quiet rinsing, you can rest assured that the noise level will be substantially lower than with a traditional tank and bowl.

The CleanCurve rim is a unique and trendy rim that American standard has employed in this toilet to make it look as sleek as it can be. But apart from the rimless appearance, this CleanCurve rim has its advantages.

Thanks to the rimless design, cleaning is made easy, and no dirt sticks to the sides of the bowl. Coupled with PowerFlo’s powerful sprays of water and the rim design, this toilet really does become one of a kind in terms of technology.

Quite-Close seat

This American Standard toilet also makes use of the Slow-close seat. This unique technology ensures that the seat closes at a constant rate no matter how much force is applied to it. So noise is reduced, and the toilet seat shuts gently not to harm children.

Soft-close toilet seats might also be beneficial in houses where nightly bathroom visits are common. A slowly shut toilet seat is a more inconspicuous choice that decreases the chance of waking individuals sleeping if family members have to use the lavatory a lot during the night.

The design’s accessibility makes it more convenient for using for everyone who needs to use the restroom in the dead of night, allowing everyone to have a good night’s sleep.

Pros and Cons of American Standard Studio S Toilet


  • Powerful Flushing.
  • Soft-close toilet.
  • Water-sense certified.
  • MaP 1000 rating.
  • Five years warranty.
  • Water-efficient.
  • Easy to Clean.
  • Stylish Design.
  • Two Waterways.
  • Standard inlet water connection.
  • No electricity is needed.
  • Smooth, Skirted sides.
  • Perfect height.
  • Not noisy at all.


  • Slightly Uncomfortable.

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Why We Chose This Product?

American Studio S into Modern Bathroom

This American Standard Studio Toilet Review makes pretty clear that this toilet is packed with fantastic features and amenities to make your life so much more comfortable. We chose this product because of its Powerful flushing technology, thanks to the MaP 1000 rating and the PowerFlo mechanism.

Since it cleanses the bowl thoroughly and leaves no room for dirt and filth, it is our choice number 1! If you’re looking for a simple, tankless lavatory for your Studio or home, this is the one to go to.

We have noticed that this toilet may be a little uncomfortable to sit on. According to some users, the tankless design may look nice but could be uncomfortable. But that doesn’t come in the way of it from being a fantastic addition to your washroom’s interior.

In terms of flushing effectiveness and water conservation, it actually has a lot to offer. And it’s not even slightly close to being a typical toilet in terms of design.

Per the manufacturer, the flushing is both forceful and silent because it uses PowerFlo Technology in its flushing system. Even though the flushing capability is only 1.0 gpf, it has an excellent MaP rating of 1000. It’s also worth noting that this American Standard Studio S toilet isn’t powered by electricity.

It is undoubtedly a stunner of a toilet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is this toilet Water-efficient?

Yes. This toilet is water-efficient and uses 1 gallon per flush. Even though the flushing capability is only 1.0 gpf, it has an excellent MaP rating of 1000. So even though flushing uses less water, it’s enough to empty the bowl. This toilet is Water-Sense certified.

Q. Does this toilet make noise?

Not at all! Thanks to the slow-closing lid, this toilet is not noisy and doesn’t make a racket. The lid will close at a steady rate at all times. It is undoubtedly a safe space for your kids who can be impulsive and get stuck in the lid.

Q. What material is the seat made of?

The seat of the American Standard Studio toilet is made up of high-quality plastic. It is able to withstand everyday wear and tear and won’t succumb to stress or heavyweights.

Q. Where is the button of this toilet?

You can find the flushing button on the left-hand side of the toilet seat. Pressing it will unleash a powerful gush of water to completely clean the toilet bowl and make it free of any waste.

Q. What is the toilet made of? Is it durable?

The materials used for manufacturing this Studio toilet are vitreous china. They are durable, non-porous, and simple toilets made from raw materials such as clay. Vitreous china takes a step further by covering porcelain or ceramic with powdered glass enamel glazing to give it a glossy finish.

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Final Verdict

American Standard Studio S Front View

The brand American Standard has become well-known. You may even have your heart set on one of their designs for your toilet. However, they have thousands of intricate and beautiful designs that you may choose from.

The toilets from American Standard include several patented innovations. All of their models have these qualities. EverClean bowl glazing protects against mold, mildew, fungus, and stains.

The American Standard Studio S Toilet is no exception. This is the toilet for you if you’ve always wanted one that’s hurdle-free and is incredibly easy to maintain, and has a minimalistic style.

We hope this American standard studio toilet review has cleared any misconceptions or queries you might have regarding this toilet.

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