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The vitreous china material American Standard is a two-piece toilet that has high efficiency, ultra-low consumption with the incredible 21% water saving capability, and a smooth sliding trap way, concealed from the view, and a closing lid hanging over the seat.

American Standard manufacturers had constructed this very elegant white studio dual flush toilet which comes in a box with a set of three pieces; a studio toilet, two bolt hole covers and, a toilet seat.

In this article, we will discuss American standard studio dual flush toilet review that got some very cool features for cleaning your toilet bowl and providing the best facility and services for a toilet bowl with a tank-less seat, dual flush action, trap way, and clean surface area.

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Table of Contents

  1. Dual Flush LXP (Luxury Performance) Toilet Bowl
  2. American Style Dual Flush Toilet 
  3. Pressurized One-Go Power-wash Studio Toilet Rim
  4. Crystal Clean Toilet Surface – less Exposure to Mold, Mildew, and other Yellow Stains
  5. Pros of the Product
  6. Cons of the Product
  7. Buyer’s Guide
  8. Related Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  9. Conclusion

Dual Flush LXP (Luxury Performance) Toilet Bowl

An aesthetically designed white sleek and elongated toilet with a giant toilet bowl attached with an easy and comfortable tankless seat perfectly sized for you.

The bowl covers a greater surface area that has a large 3 inches flush valve.

The bowl is a delicate piece of the American Standard Studio Dual Flush Round Toilet belched with Siphon action offering a smooth sliding longed trap way – an easy flow for hard solid stools and urine.

American Style Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard 2794.204.020 Studio Toilet

The state-of-the-art American Standard Studio Dual Flush review has some aesthetic features for easy wash-off and flush of disposal, but it works on the cause of saving water for America.

American Style Studio Dual Flush Toilet works on the latest siphonic-action technology that scales for two unique flush modes. One is for intricate stool passing, and the second is for other light disposals. 

The heavy flushes require 1.6 gallons of each color whereas, light flushes require just 1.1 gallons for fast and easy pass out.

Thus, this extended feature helps to save more water than using large flows of water for eliminating heavily stacked bulks.

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Pressurized One-Go Power-wash Studio Toilet Rim

American Standard Studio Dual Flush Elongated Toilet is one of the best collections of American Standard Studio Bath. 

The one-go swipe-and-wipe power-wash rim scrubs all the stains and patches around the bottleneck of the best American standard studio dual flush round toilet.

A single tap to the top-mounted push button actuator, plated with chromium, makes the pressure to the chamber, so the attached rim holes allow the running water to give a full power-wash to the toilet bowl. 

The measured height of the rim is 16-1/2-in that is 419 mm.

This is one of the promising features of the American Style Standard Studio Dual Flush Toilet that provide cleanliness to the entire toilet bowl in a single tap one-go power-wash.

Crystal Clean Toilet Surface – less Exposure to Mold, Mildew, and other Yellow Stains

American Standard Studio Dual Flush Review cannot miss out on this very eye-captivating crystal clean and bright surface of the American Style Standard Dual Flush Toilet. 

The material used for constructing this toilet bowl and comfy, clean seat contains the abstract of the silver-ion additive component, which makes it durable against molds, mildews, fungi, and algae.

It can work for a long-lasting period without getting water stains, yellow marks, and so on. This is so far the best hygiene installation for any American-style standard home and bath collection.

Pros of the Product

  • Dual flush action to reduce the water usage to 21% per flush.
  • Easy-to-clean concealed and elongated studio toilet traps way.
  • Power-wash rim with a one-go pressure to scrub the toilet bowl.
  • Crystal clean surface to avoid stains watermarks, molds, and mildews.
  • Iconic for American classic bath collection.
  • Warranty guaranteed for 5 years.

Cons of the Product

  • The push-button actuator motions downward, no upward-pull.
  • The seat of the toilet is made out of plastic material.

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american standard studio toilet pros and cons

Buyer’s Guide

By following the guidelines mentioned, you can easily install the American Style Standard Dual Flush Toilet in your bathroom without the assistance of a plumber.

Before you start with it, note that, firstly, you need to unpack all the toilet parts and assemble them in a manner to understand the structure properly.

Remember to measure the accurate heights and widths of the assembled parts so that the toilet holes get affixed to their exact places giving a right passage to the running water. 

The technicians have made it so classical that it does not come across water leakage, which is the most irritating part of any conventional toilet. A huge plus is that it is not noisy.

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Q: Does the dual flush action provide complete flush for a full bowl even if the water level is low?

The dual flush system perfectly works for both heavy and low flushes. The water level in the toilet bowl does not affect the action of dual flush. Don’t worry! The gallons of water for every flush are optimal for cleaning the disposal.

Q: How much force does the push button for dual flush needed? Can my baby tap it easily?

The buttons are very convenient. They do not use an extra force to push it down for activation. The flush working started fastly and stopped shortly once it is tapped down.

Q: How can I affix the toilet to the floor?

The package comes with a set of panels to attach the toilet parts firmly to the floor.


Hopefully, the article delivered all the essential information and addressed your queries regarding the best-selling American Style Standard Dual Flush Toilet. Now, rest to your wisdom!

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Toilets: Studio Concealed Trapway Dual Flush Toilet by American Standard

Video Transcript

it’s important for all of us to conserve water one place we can use less is in the bathroom but if you’ve looked at some low flush volume toilets you may have wondered if they have the strength to do the job that’s why I’d like to show you the American standard studio concealed trap weight dual flush toilet this toilet is exceptional from the inside out it has maximum flushing power we don’t recommend actually flushing these items but they certainly demonstrate the power of this toilet delivers thanks to its siphon action jetted bowl oversized 3-inch flush valve and fully glazed trap way which allows waste to exit the bowl quickly and smoothly even with all that power this toilet still conserves water which saves you money and protects our environment our innovative studio dual flush system allows you to choose either a light flush using a mere 1.1 gallons of water or a standard flush using 1.6 gallons simply press the button on the left for the light flush the one on the right for the heavy flush you’ll spend a lot less time cleaning this toilet – thanks to its power wash trim which scrubs the bowl with every flush a large water surface area and it’s exclusive ever clean surface this permanent finish inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing mold mildew and bacteria to help this toilet stay cleaner longer it’s an American Standard exclusive it’s smooth sided design also helps cut down on cleaning time that smooth contemporary design conceals the trap way it has no lumps and crevices to clean in and around which means you can keep it shining with just a quick wipe down the studio is a right height or tall height design its bowls its higher off the floor at a more comfortable chair height that means you don’t have to bend as far reducing stress and strain the elongated shape of the bowl and seat also make this fixture more pleasant to use it also comes in a round front bowl if your space is limited this model comes equipped with a durable slow closed seat that’s right no more slamming lids the seat and cover closed slowly which eliminates the possibility of pinched fingers a real concern with small children in the home the seat also has an easy release button just press the button to remove the seat for cleaning then pop it back on and you’re good to go if you’re building or renovating be sure to look at the beauty power and efficiency of the American Standard studio concealed trap weighed dual flush toilet to learn more about the different styles in the complete Studio Collection of sinks baths and faucets visit American Standard comm discover for yourself why American Standard is showing up in more and more homes

American Standard Brands: Studio Concealed Dual Flush Elongated Toilet Installation Video

Good toilet Review!! American Standard 2794.204.020 Studio Concealed Trapway Dual Flush Right Height Elongated Toilet

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